2013 Film Reel breakdown

2013 Film Reel Breakdown Kon-Tiki -
I worked on rendering and integrating the cg generated water splashes and spray. They were then passed on to comp. I did a large chunk of comping on the underwater shot where the raft comes over the top.

Total Recall -
I created models textures and shaders for buildings used throughout the movie. Assets were crafted for use in a customized building creation program. I also did the only texture shoots for textures used in these sequences.

John Carter -
Lookdev, lighting and caching.

Captain America -
Animation, lookdev, texturing, shading, lighting and modeling.

Tomorrow When The War Began -
Lookdev, lighting, shading of the snake.
Animation, textuing, shading and rigging of vehicles.
Boats in the harbour.

Cockroach -
Animation of the cockroach and rendering.